When Is Alcoholism Rehab Needed?

A study conducted in 2010 revealed that millions of people living in the United States of America take alcohol as a way of dealing with stress and discomfort in their lives. These people include the young and the old, poor and the rich, males and females, and cuts across all professions and ages. A worrying trend is that no one is safe from alcoholism anymore.

The truth is that alcohol is not a solution to the stresses of life. It only helps people forget their identities for a short while, and when reality sets in again, these people have to take more alcohol.

Over time, the person becomes an alcoholic. Alcohol now ranks as America’s most used and abused drug.

Over time though, many alcohol users have come to realize that the drink is not so safe after all, that it has a number of life-threatening risks and that the chance of dying from its extended use is enormous. In fact, its alleged ability to relieve pain is nothing when compared to the actual pain it causes its users in the long run, alongside their families and friends.

When Is Alcoholism Rehab Needed?

Alcohol has been in use for centuries and the exact time it was first used is not known. The WHO has also described alcohol as a drug that has a tendency of forming habits and is addictive in nature.

The millions of Americans who are in the habit of alcoholism need immediate assistance through alcoholism rehabilitation programs to recover and live near-normal lives away from the drug. However, a large portion of this group rarely takes the move to seek treatment and their families are forced to step in and do something. So, when are alcoholism rehab programs needed? There are many telltale symptoms that can be seen to show this.

The signs that most manifest themselves are the physical ones. Alcoholic habits change the outward appearance of a person drastically. The victims transform from sharp and clean and no longer care about their look. They begin to look shabby and have a weary look in their eyes.

In some cases, they begin to let their hair grow long and have a generally disheveled outer appearance. Even the clothes they wear are crumpled and at times dirty. They display bloodshot eyes and experience the shakes, which are caused by lengthy drinking bouts. Immediately after drinking, many people walk falteringly and talk hesitantly.

The second set of characteristics caused by excessive addiction and show that alcoholism rehab programs are needed are psychological. The alcoholic could often begin to show unforeseen, immense changes in temper. For instance, they change suddenly from happy to a foul mood, become violent without warning, and then become good tempered and apologetic again, and the cycle continues.

These temperamental changes are usually attributed to the last time alcohol was taken and the amount that was taken. When a person begins to portray these symptoms, he or she must be urged to seek help at alcoholism rehab programs before the other members of the family or people who live around the person become harmed by these changes.

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